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Tours! TOURS! Tours! – Tijuana Adventure Activate! – Julie’s Bday Tour a Month Ago…

This webpage and blog has been somewhat abandoned.

That doesn’t mean I haven’t been given tours.

Quite the contrary. I was busy with tours all of January. February is going slow, but March will already start with a tour.

The tour above was super fun and probably one where I walked the most. We walked and walked and walked. I offered Ubers or taxis. But they wanted to walk.


This is what a Tijuana Adventure usually looks like. A lot of food and beer and fun times.

And I’m sorry I rarely update the blog. I write in my life blog daily. Which is completely different.

Besides Julie’s bday tour, I also had a tour with a couple of crazy South Africans.

I have never partied in my life as much as I did with those South Africans. They showed me that I truly have no limits when it comes to my Tijuana tours. We spend so much money drinking, eating, … and more.

It is time to make my tours a bit more official. There needs to be an online payment method. There needs to be a public tour at least once a month. I have been doing my tours mostly as a side gig for fun. Not as a real business. But Tijuana Adventure has grown and it is time to take it a bit more seriously.

Even the US consul in Tijuana emailed me asking me about how to improve tourism.

More tours are coming.

More public events.

The page will get better.

The Tijuana Adventure Instagram will also be active…. if I remember the password.

A very good friend of mine named Brenda, aka Shappu, has also been doing tours. She is going her own way about it. Truly puts effort in giving people tours. Unlike me where I just wait for people to email me and tell me they want to book me. If I pushed my services. Get business cards. Do some posters… etc etc etc. Then it would truly be a tour service.

For now, I’m busy with writing stories, my new girlfriend, daily blog, and my cat. Tours are still available. Tours are still highly improvised. Tours are still hella fun.

I forgot where I was going with this. Point is. Tijuana Adventure will activate! More tours! Better tours! Online payments! Other tour guides! More beer! More food! MORE MORE MORE!

Want to visit Tijuana. Hit me up!

A New Tijuana Adventure Year – What’s 2017 for TJ Adventure


The beginning of 2016 I wanted to take Tijuana Adventure into a whole new direction. I wanted it to be an open source for Tijuanenses write about their favorite place and stuff like that and for them to give their own tours. You know. Get more people involved, make the website grow, and for them to make money as well.

It went nowhere.

Well… Except Haydee. She did a couple of tours last year. I did a bunch of others.

In fact, I had two great tours on December. A couple of Aussies, and a medium/psychic from Oregon.

There is nothing new for this year. I write daily on my blog. But that’s about my life, not really about Tijuana.

I thought about quitting Tijuana Adventure many times. But people keep contacting me for a tour, and I keep having a fun time with strangers. The extra cash is always welcome.

So Tijuana Adventure will remain improvised private tours by yours truly (and sometimes Haydee). I know if I actually posted anything on Instagram. Or if I posted more in here. Or if I truly tried to organize monthly beer tours. I know I would go somewhere. But that I have had the option to do that and have done nothing is pretty obvious that I am not meant to keep a tour guide business going. I do a lot of other things on a daily basis. The tours are just an extra thing I do for fun, that I also do for extra cash, but I mainly due for the love of this city.

Improvisation is the name of the game. My game.

This website still continues to have way more hits than my actual blog and it has next to 0 activity. Sorry about that. If you are reading this and want to know more about me, there’s my other blog. If you want to have a tour with me because it seems like we will get along, then please contact me.

Otherwise. There are tons of other tour guides for you.

Tijuana Adventure basically means tours with Matingas (or Haydee).

Happy new year Tijuana!

Let’s hope for many , but not too many tours!

Reddit Meeting Tijuana Tour – Lack of Activity

Sorry. I haven’t posted anything in Tijuana Adventure in a long long time.

I have been doing tours. One or two a month. Mainly small private ones. Nothing much has changed.

The last tour I did was a free tour for /r/SanDiego redditors. A friend accompanied the tour, which was one of my larger tours (15 people) and took awesome pictures.

We obviously stopped by one of my favorite brewers exactly at the right time, sunset. Border colors looked great.


Here’s the rest of the album! Pretty great pics thanks to Andy!

I only have one upcoming tour this year in December. The rest of my time is free. And to be honest, I have thought about quitting the tours. I enjoy myself doing them, but I hate charging people and I’m not good as a businessman. I have been doing a lot of writing instead. Especially blogging everyday in my personal daily life blog,

But TijuanaAdventure provides me with a bit of extra cash that is necessary in my life. I’m still doing private tours with a minimum charge of $100 + expenses. And I said it before, this is more private tours with me than a tour group like many others. There are a lot of other tour guides I can recommend. I like doing tours with people that are like-minded, that have been basically all of my clients!

So if you want craft beer, great food, improvised Tijuana Adventure tour, I’m still your best choice. But if you want to go with a group of strangers, get in a bus, travel as a party, then you better hit up one of the many other tour guides.

If you want a free tour, make sure you stay posted in /r/SanDiego or /r/Tijuana since I take a lot of redditors around. I’ll be doing free tours when I have a chance.

That is the TijuanaAdventure update for now! Want to join in a tour! Message me through the website!


“Day-in the-life” adventure #1!

Our first day-time family style tour went pretty great! We strolled around and enjoyed a day in the life of Tijuana adventurers’.  The tour was custome designed for the group and included:
1. Scenic urban walks
2. Markets and “pasajes”
3. Food trucks

Ready to meet some more adventurers…. let’s do something awesome!


New Tour Guide Joins the Team – A Lot of Tours – Sorry: Page was Neglected


I got really fucking busy for the past couple of months.

Last thing I posted was about the beer fest over a month ago. And I said was going to post here weekly. Not only did I got a lot of work from the real job that is my bread and butter…. I also did a lot of tours! I mentioned a price hike forever ago, and a few people wanted to hit me up before I became more expensive…

It’s not like I am more expensive, I just have less time to go on wild Tijuana Adventures. Thus I’m more expensive. AHH FUCK IT! Yes. I value my time more (I mean… tours used to be free!). I still hate charging people though. I always have too much fun.

I had like 7 tours in the past 2 months. All sorts of tours as well. The latest was a bachelor party with 11 people. This is the last time I do a party this big. It was difficult to coordinate, however… IT WAS A LOT OF FUN.

We covered a lot of ground.

Went to ORYX Capital for a nice fancy dinner. Got the chicken. It was grand. Everything there is on point. A full on review will come out later and I’ll link. One of the best features of ORYX is that there’s a speakeasy in there somewhere. The “secret” might be ruin soon, so I’ll just say that it’s in there somewhere for now.

The pics are not from the tour, but from when I discovered ORYX and Nortico originally. The bachelor party loved the food and the speakeasy detail. There’s a pic of the 11 of them somewhere (and I might be able to use it here).

Then we went to Plaza Fiesta, the amazing beer plaza (read more about it here). A lot of craft beer, and a lot of classic bachelor party banter. The group was huge and had a lot of colorful individuals. A bunch living in California, some in Minneapolis, one from New York… the bachelor is a very popular guy.

From beer plaza we hit up downtown. Where more beers and mezcal shots ensued. And around midnight… the real bachelor party fun. That stays under wraps. But I must say… Tijuana is ten times better than Vegas for bachelor fun…


Haydeé (aka HidHawk) Joins the Team

I haven’t posted anything not only because I’ve been busy as fuck… but because the other guys I invited to join ended up doing nothing (thanks guys!)

Talking to a good friend and Tijuana local, I mentioned the direction of Tijuana Adventure. She liked the idea and actually WROTE HER BIO and is excited to join in! To read more about her, CLICK HERE!
Haydeé traveled the world and when she came back, she discovered that Tijuana had changed a lot. Like me, she basically became an accidental tour guide. With the many projects and events she handles, she takes hoards of people from all over the world through the places she loves in Tijuana. She is in charge of Borderland Noise – music events both sides of the border.

Haydeé is on the right - Group of visitors at Public House tap room

Haydeé is on the right – Group of visitors at Public House tap room

Haydeé also has AirBnB available, for those who want to get a whole package of a place to stay that includes a tour guide… then… THAT’S A NEW AWESOME POSSIBLITY. I’m going to try to do this myself (currently looking for a house).

I’ve been kinda burnt on doing tours, that the bachelor party was the last tour I’ll be doing for a while. But now there’s Haydeé! A complete different approach to Tijuana Adventure. She has her own price, her own ideas, her own taste in music, drinks and food, her own limitations, her own tour, her own adventure.

Also, I believe she speaks fluent German (I might be wrong though… I’ll check soon and confirm).

I’m hoping the team will grow even more, and for visitors to have the option to choose what type of tour adventurer they would prefer. I know, I know, I’m using the word adventure too much that now it seems like a kids game… but seriously… you have no idea how many times I woke up in the morning and think to myself… holy shit… that was one crazy Tj adventure. No city that I know off can offer so much of everything in such a bizarre presentation that you would never know it existed unless you are a local.

Visiting Tijuana, don’t hesitate to contact either Haydeé (aka HidHawk) or myself (Matt aka Matingas).


Expo Cerveza Artesanal Part 2 – Friend Brewers – Drunk Matt

It’s funny how things can change from one day to another.

I’m still pretty much broke, but great things are in the horizon, including a Tijuana Adventure tour this Friday and a lot of work from home that will be $$$. This upcoming adventure should be fun, it’s four accountants from San Diego. Which reminds me, I should email him with the plan instead of typing this…

—————– Expo Artesanal Part 2 – Drunk Matt

Round 2. Walked by the Adelita’s girls again, now with the courage that beer provides, I can take a lot of pics without being shy.

I knew my palate was gone from drinking a lot of tiny samplers of beers in many places and I still had to hit up the brewers that I can call friends. So I went to Ley Seca because I’ve been craving Juan’s beer for a while. But… they were having some troubles. So instead I visited Luis Durazo over at Teorema.

I asked for a sampler. He gave me a full cup of double IPA at around 10% alcohol.

Luis. Don’t hate me for this. But this was probably the beer that I enjoyed the least. It wasn’t bad. There was actually no bad beers in general. It was just syrupy.

I think I also have really high standards and regards when it comes to Teorema. The concept is great, the logo is cool, the execution is well done, beers are not there yet though. When I first had Teorema, it was in their brewery room which remains in Avenida Revolución. I had two beers, don’t remember the names or the kind, but one of the beers was just superb.

For some reason, it tasted like key lime pie. The foamy light beer floated to the back of your palate and lingered there leaving you with some sweet tart flavor while the liquid smoothly went down. This is the Teorema beer that I want to taste, but so far all the ones I tasted don’t come even close to that first try. My roommate wrote an article about those beers and about Teorema a few years back, he stole my “it taste like key lime pie,” bit. Read here.

Also. Luis keeps saying he will open his tap room soon. 2 years ago he said they were about to open. A few months ago he told me he will be ready by the end of May. And now he says that it will be ready by the end of June! So… Luis… OPEN… SOON!

With Teorema in one hand but not truly loving the beer, I went to seek out more new brewers that I never met. I saw Cervecería Heisenberg, the concept is basically they are the Walter White but instead of cooking meth, it’s beer. Alright concept I guess. I enjoy it. Now… beers I can barely remember what they tasted like. I talked to brewer Oscar Lencioni and my notes read that I had an Imperial IPA with columbus, zythos, amarillo and cascade (I might be wrong).

I went to say hi to the guys from Baja Brew Labs… and the older Echavarria just started giving me beer! No notes. I don’t remember the beers, but if you haven’t check it out, Baja Brew Labs is in downtown Tijuana and they are doing really creative things in there. Also.. YAY PING PONG table in their brewery. So that’s always fun.

My notes have random hops and initials that I don’t recognize. But apparently many brewers are using mosaic, chinook, nelson and cascade a lot.

Next to Baja Brew Labs, Cerveza Cardera, one that I never had before. I talked to Armando Cardenas, the brewer, but drunk Matt could barely concentrate. Notes say I had a “bourbon chips french toast blah!” Which means I had a dark beer that I thought BLAH!

Then finally went back to Ley Seca for my craving of Gringo Pale Ale, single hop Citra.

Now.. this was the best beer I had in the fest.

Of course I am bias. I liked Juan’s brews since a few years back, but not only that, Citra from what I have learned, is my favorite hop so far. I think I’m also liking single hop brews, it’s an honest flavor. The Gringo Pale Ale was just spot on what I like. Hoppy, citrusy, perfect body…

Speaking of perfect bodies…

I spotted a girl I recognized… She looked at me, I forgot who she was. A few minutes later I saw her again….

Oh yeah!!! It’s my ex-girlfriend’s friend. I texted my ex, she was on her way to the beer fest.

Yep. My attention deviated from beer tasting to hanging out with my ex-girlfriend (who was easily the prettiest girl in the expo.. Or town.. Country… world?!)

Before hanging out with her, I had a job to do, so I went for last round of brewers.

Zombie Brewery from Ensenada, had their black IPA I believe, notes just say simcoe, centennial, chinok, amarillo and columbus.

Then I went to Doble C Brewery which is spelled out like //c. This concept I truly enjoy, the beers, I forgot, but in my notes I gave them approval. Notes read “Chinok mosaic pale ale, buena. Sombra verde. Nutty after. Buena.” Didn’t write the names of the brewers or where they are from, but I hope to see them again soon.

My ex arrived. From there on, I just stayed with her. She said she wanted dark beer, so I took her to Norte because it’s a guarantee that their Porter is going to be spot on (and it was). Then her and her friend wanted to taste something different, and I took them to Vibra (which I’ll remind you, their fruit beer was my favorite surprise of the fest).

At some point in the night I visited Angelo who was previously with Norte Brew, but is now at Tijuana Homebrew Club (THC). This is an interesting place, it’s a monthly gathering of brewers who like to do things different. I had a tiny shot of their Grapefruit IPA. I don’t remember it.

The main event. Kinky started playing and the expo was packed. I’m guessing that 80% of the people went mostly to see Kinky. More than 50% of the people that went to the expo drank Indio and if they drank a craft beer, they only tried one.

I tried drinking a lot of them, and still didn’t even cover half the ground!

Shout out to El Sauzal, La Belga, Madueño, and others who offered me free beer but there’s just so much a man can drink in one night!



Until next time on more beer adventures! You know where I will be.

Expo Cerveza Artesanal Part 1 – New Brewers – Sober Matt

Welp… I can’t concentrate much on writing right now but I will try my best to write everything I’ve been pondering about Expo Cerveza Artesanal. My mind is in an article that finally got published on the San Diego Reader that I wrote a few weeks back. Also, financial stress. But I’ll try to ignore all of that, and discuss in much more detail and with more time in my other blog,

———– Expo Cerveza Artesanal

Part 1 – New Brewers – Sober Matt

I made it!

I got in for free. Carlos hooked it up with an extra ticket he had. Bucio was also more than willing to get me a free ticket. Other brewers told me they will hook it up with free beer in exchange of pictures (they would actually do it for nothing, but I am not a charity… kinda). Yep. I only had 120 pesos in my wallet on Saturday morning and payment didn’t come until Sunday (it wasn’t much).

So I had to navigate the Expo Cerveza Artesanal with no cash, take pictures and still have a fun time. This is how it went down. All reconstructed from memory and ineligible notes (how I manage to type ineligible is beyond me).

Went to give my ticket to the gate thingy, got my tin shot glass and went through the doors. “Don’t use that shot glass, es de aluminio,” Carlos said right away (duh, it can change the flavor and odor). First thing I noticed (besides the HEINEKEN huge letters at the entrance) were the three nice ladies wearing Adelita’s Bar attire. Yep. The “Expo Cerveza Artesanal” which is supposed to be about beer and culture… you get greeted with ladies of the night (to put it nicely).

And I mean. It’s cool. It’s Tijuana. They are always going to be everywhere. But COME ON!!

I left my bag at basecamp stand, Norte Brewing Company, basically my second home. I grabbed their new Session IPA and strolled around for my first impressions. The Session is similar to their Penthouse but lighter body, really good, but with not that bitter bite the Penthouse gives. Still one of the best brews around.

I noticed many brewers that I know about but have never met and also noticed a bunch of breweries I have never heard off. On my stroll I said hi to those who I do know and they wanted me to give me free beer already… HOLD YOUR HORSE IS! (my favorite Hella album). No beer for me until I try and talk to all the other brewers I do not know.

And this is why I dislike beer fests. SO MANY OF THEM! How the fuck am I supposed to cover all of them?! AND REMAIN SEMI-SOBER?!

Also… The amount of people drinking large glasses of Indio with chamoy rims was outstanding. This is not a beer fest. This just a regular concert with the premise of craft beer on the perimeter. Waiters (workers) walked amongst the crowd offering two Indios for 50 pesos on a large glass. Of course the people that don’t know what craft beer is rather gravitate to two Indio instead of for just one craft (more product amirite?!). Don’t they realize that 50 pesos on a 10% beer has more alcohol than Indio? I mean if their idea is to drink to get fucked up… then… do that…

Shit. This is already getting long and I haven’t even touched the interviews with brewers.

While I was doing my round, I found a place with carne seca. I had some of that. It was goddamn delicious. I love jerky. This wasn’t that much of a cecina jerky, it tasted like grilled meat in tiny cubes. Really good. But I had the sample and shied away.

I saw Calafia Brew, and I remembered them from the beer fest in Ensenada a few years back. When I had more than 30 samplers and then lost track.

I might be remembering wrong, but I think they had a blackberry sour that they ran out (back in Ensenada 2014). They also had their coconut IPA gone. Now… I really wanted the Blackberry sour, but all I remembered was that I needed to try Calafia.

Coconut IPA is really sweet (well fucking duh). If coconut is your thing, then it’s a good beer on the syrupy side with a nice coconut overall feel, no hoppy taste or finish. Paid for it. 10 pesos gone.

Then I went to Vibra, a brewery that I have seen bottled but have never had tap or met the brewers. Because I was still sober, I only took notes of the beer and forgot to write the name down of the brewer. Had their Generosa IPA, it was great (but tiny sampler, can only say too much). Paid for it other 10 pesos gone. Had a little chat about what I was doing and I said I was curious about their fruit beer. Vibra offered the samples for free.

The fruit beer wins the grand prize surprise great beer I had in the fest. I’m not into fruity beers at all, but this one lingered in my memory for a reason and that reason is most likely that it was surprisingly good. Next time I see a Vibra I will make sure to buy a few bottles.

After that fruit beer, he insisted I had their 10% stout. I am not much of a stout/porter drinker, especially when I am trying to drink many different beers, but I remember I was surprisingly pleased that it wasn’t heavy at all, but smooth and light for a stout.

What what?! Ivan Maldonado walked by me. I said hi to so many brewers. It was like a rockstar convention of beer… yet the rockstars were getting ignored while the audience watched a cover band of Mexican popular rock tunes (of the 90s?) The guitarist of the band totally butchered the little intro solo on Un Poco de Sangre by Maldita Vecindad (but all good, band sounded great in general, bass wasn’t as present as it should have been).

AHH SHIT! I’m reviewing beer, not the cover band on stage.

Ok. New brewery.

Miley Cyrus look-alike and her dad in Puerco Salvaje, which I knew was opening in Plaza Fiesta. Mexican Miley told me that we will find her there everyday next to Los Reyes (behind Border Psycho) and I will definitely be stopping in for a visit.

I had Puerco Salvaje’s IPA and their Almond Joy Stout. IPA regular, didn’t write notes, which means it was drinkable but nothing special. Almond Joy I wrote “bleh” which I remember it meant it just tasted like a stout and had no real almond or joy in it (it didn’t remind me of the candy bar at all). Don’t know this guys either, so here’s 10 pesos more.

Cerveza Urbana from Mexicali was my next stop and I talked to the brewer for a while. Most of the brewers gave me the same impression which I already said “this is a concert, not a beerfest,” Armando the brewer also said. We talked about Urbana’s logo, which is a drawing by Mexicali artist Glow, she paints creepy female semi-childish faces, Urbana’s logo is a hop with a female face. The next logo, the face won’t look so childish, but more mature, like the hops have lived through some tough shit.

Anyway, Armando was a really cool guy and gave me a few of his beers. I recognized the hopes on their IPA and asked Armando if I was right, Simcoe and Citra (I recognized the latter). His Session IPA was done with Mosaic hops. I didn’t write much of it, which means they were both real good but nothing spectacular. I talked to Armando about hops and how the ones he was using are the most popular at the moment.

Then I met Charlie Kaminari of Santo Grial and of La Embajada, a tap room I still have to spend some time in (I went, it was packed, couldn’t find a table, got annoyed, left). They gave me a Raspberry Wheat that I was hesitant about. It was not wheaty at all, it was almost a sour! It was great, but most likely an accident, though they claim it wasn’t. I also had their IPA, no notes there. If I see that Raspberry Wheat again I will make sure to drink a full pint.

By this time, I was already feeling the beers.

Remember kids. Taste is subjective. Rating beers is not a real thing. Everyone has their own favorite and I heavily favor hoppy dry beers. I’m also into new flavors that transport me somewhere else, but hoppy is my drink of choice.

While drunk I get less shy and start snapping more, so of course I had to take more pics of Adelita girls. Adelita Bar… if you read this and you need a photographer… 😉

BREAK TIME. I already written too much. No one reads this much.
After break time and my email getting flooded by several thingys… I decided that this is the end of the post for now. I need to get outside of my apartment and eat a torta ahogada of a place I’m going to review next. ALSO! Tap Tuesday. Happiest day of the week.

To be continued…. Part 2 – Drunk Matt and more rants!