Tours are BACK!!! Book in Español Coming Soon

I’ve been doing tours.

I forgot I did tours.

The pandemic happened… and I stopped.

On this webpage somewhere it says I don’t do tours anymore. I have to fix this whole website. Because the tours are back babehhhh!!!!

The tours have been back for a while. People found me through Reddit or Instagram and sent me a message about tours. I haven’t announced that I do tours. I haven’t done much about it. But people find me and asked me for tours.

I started doing TikToks about my tours and that’s getting popular. My latest TikTok about tour has 130,000 views. A lot of people commenting stupid shit. Especially about taking my tourists to Hong Kong. I don’t do that anymore. Unless it’s a bachelor party and we agreed on it. Or… I mean… I can still go. I just don’t like it.

And my tours.

My tours have been great.

It’s been about craft beer and tacos. Especially seafood tacos.

My favorite.

Throughout my tour, I do small videos. Five seconds or less. Doing cheers. Or eating. Or walking around. I mix them all up to create a TikTok of the tour. And those get popular.

In the past month or so I’ve toured around: two Canadian gals (they were awesome), a Kiwi dude from New Zealand (he was great despite the heavy accent we had so much fun), a very old man (this one was weird but it went fine and it was over quickly), a cute couple from Ohio, a family from Michigan that were into healthcare (so farmacias galore and a ton of fun), and the last one with a couple that came from Washington D.C. It started early, but it went smoothly, and fun times. It was over around 4 pm and then I slept through the whole weekend.

Not the be a dick, but I only tour people who are awesome. Most, if not all, are college educated, some with PhDs or Masters. And it’s not like it matters if you are or not, I just get along better with people that are. If you use Reddit, you understand me better. If you are interested in craft beer, we will get along awesomelyly. If you are huge on food or love traveling, it’s going to go great.

The point of this post is…

Tours are back!!!

Rent a friend. $150 USD for 4-6 hours with me. This is one guy (or gal) and we go on a tour 1 on 1. It’s the same price as the next few tours. But I like calling it to rent a friend.

It was one of my clients who call it that. And that’s pretty much what it is. Are you coming to Tijuana but you don’t know anyone and need someone to show you around?

Tijuana Adventure tour! $150. It’s like rent a friend for two to three people. $150. Same price! But this ain’t one on one. It’s a small group.

There are more people in your group? Add $50 per person. 4 people = $200. 6 people = $300.

That’s basically the two categories. They both start at $150 and I give you 4 to 6 hours of my time.

More tours might come.

They might not.

I do too much besides being a tour guide.

Book in Español!

My book is already on Amazon in English. Click here to buy!

I’ve been posting the translation of my book on this website. I’m going to delete that soon and turn it into a real book in Español!

Those who have been reading… It will end. And it will have a price. No more free book for you!

I got an editor and she’s awesome. She is also probably going to be my publicist. So it will be a more legit version of the book.

I’m also not sure what will happen with that.

I do too much besides being a book writer.


I’m also a photographer. For that, visit my main website and blog,

It has a bunch of my personal stuff as well as my photography and way more.

Again… I do way too much.

And I just met with someone today who told me he is interested in producing a show with me as a host.

I do way too much.

Drone photography! I got paid three times this month to do drone videos and photos. I ended up doing some for fun because drone stuff is fun.

And yet… yet it feels like I do nothing at all.

So… if you found this! Somehow! And you want a tour. Simply hit me up through the website, Instagram, or email me. You know what to expect. $150+ for a tour.

Oh yeah!

I also did a tour with actor friends from Mexico City. More like Tamara is my actress friend from Mexico City (she was on the Tijuana Netflix series). And she brought her actor friends because they performed Hamlet in the Tj theater.

It was a free tour. But hey. This is what my tours look like.

These are my perfect tours. 4 people. Beer and tacos. And a lot of Tijuana stories.

We started in Playas and then went downtown. I barely hung out with them since they were flying back to Mexico City that afternoon.

But this is pretty much what my tours look like.

There you have it!

Tours are back!

I have to change this whole website to reflect that.

The book in Español will be a thing.

I will have to change the website to reflect that.

Thanks for reading. And LET’S go on a Tijuana Adventure!!!


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