Tijuana Adventure is not for everyone. My main goal is to help you understand Tijuana so you won’t need a tour guide on your next visit. My target demographic is 18 to 40 year olds who want to enjoy the nightlife, taste the street food and drink a lot for cheap. I am not a drunk people babysitter, if you can’t handle your own liquor intake, you’ll be safely placed in a hotel and billed later. I am not responsible for anything that happens in the tour, I’m just the guide that takes you to all the wonderful and safe places. If you decide to venture outside the tour and get in trouble, I’ll try my best to get you out of it, but no guarantees.

Please refrain from any illegal activity. Crossing the border with anything illegal is not a smart thing to do. It doesn’t matter that you have your medical card and you are “420” friendly, border patrol will arrest you and it will go on your permanent record. Guns are also illegal in Mexico, please do not try to cross any. Pharmacies in Tijuana sell almost anything without a prescription, however, border patrol will ask for the prescription on your way back and detain you if you don’t have one.

As of now, this is an entirely independent service I’m providing and will only accept cash as payment.

There’s other tour guides and tourist information in the city. If you are a family looking for a family tour guide, there’s different options or I can create a tour exclusively that fits your needs.
Any other questions just contact me.

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