Tijuana Adventure takes you to TRF!

May 31st, Tijuana Rumble Fest: Presenting math rock, experimental, garage and more bands from all over California! Here’s the official website TRF Tickets are $25 and are sold here! It includes entrance to the festival, transportation from the border to the festival and back and 2 drinks. Ride the Rumble Bus next to the bands […]

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Brewery and Tacos Tour!

Since I have a friend that is willing to drive around customers in a van now…. Tours from now on will be twice a month and will have a special theme. The very first one is BEER AND TACOS this Saturday March 22nd. An easy approach to something that everyone loves. The plan is to […]

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Adventure booked through Reddit!

I’m a Reddit addict. Thus, whenever someone mentions Tijuana or there’s a post about visiting, I invite them to check out Tijuana Adventure. That’s how I met /u/allthingsforeign, a fairly new redditor that contacted me for his adventure. It was his second time in Tijuana. His first time he had a tour guide that apparently […]

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Saving Private French Guy

I was playing guitar in my favorite café which is hidden in the depths of some apartment building in Tijuana, when a random guy that looked like Luigi (from the videogames) walked in asking for work. His name was Alex and he was clearly not from the area. After a brief chat I learned that […]

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