A Short Adventure is Better Than No Adventure

The cold and early winter has apparently made everyone hibernate. Some few e-mails have come my way asking for an adventure, but time constraint, I have not been able to schedule events. However, a friend from the past, Adrian, hit me up and told me he was in Tijuana for the first time. He came from Mexico City on a business trip and barely had time to go out and see the nightlife. We went to Zacazonapan Bar in Zona Norte, my brother then proceeded to show him Adelita Bar in Tijuana’s Red Light District. They just had a quick look to check it out…. But we ended the night in La Estrella, a magical place where local people go dance and fall in love.

Adrian’s adventure was short and in a Sunday, but he got to see more of Tijuana that he could have imagine in just a couple of hours.

Adrian, my brother and me.
Adrian, my brother and me.

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