Tijuana Adventure Gathering! From Montreal (Canada), Riverside (California) and Lyon (France).

This weeklong epic adventure is best described in pictures:

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It was one of the most fun filled weeks I had in a long time. I met Maude and Alex in one of my favorite beer spots in the city, Mamut. Alex was playing chess with a familiar face, I was waiting for a friend to come join me, but interested in the chess game, I struck a conversation with the Canadians from Montreal. I had no customers that weekend so I decided to offer the friendly strangers a place to stay, including the tour, breakfast, food and more. All they needed to do was pay for everything… no extra cash for me. I love showing the city and though I didn’t earn any money, I didn’t lose any either, and had a great time doing so. The goal of Tijuana Adventure after all is to make people fall in love with this magnificent city and I am sure that I succeeded. ¬†Alex and Maude are thinking of coming back to Tijuana soon, even considered the possibility of moving here. So watch out future adventurer, you might fall in love with Tijuana and might not want to leave.