Featured on the San Diego Reader, Poster Correction.

I have been writing for the San Diego Reader for two years now, covering Tijuana and the border. This last week, Reader people came over for a quick tour. My tours usually involve more stops, more food and more beers, but the guys wanted to head back early. They gave me a shout out on the San Diego Reader facebook and posted the following pictures. My tours might start getting busy. And I should mention from now on that I write for the Reader and that I have my other personal blog, Matingas.com

Here is the full album.

Visit this link for a shorter album and a description of all.

Also, I posted that my next brewery tour was going to be Saturday, November 24th. I made a mistake and meant November 28th. As of now, I have not receive any emails about it, which makes me wonder what am I doing wrong… But I do receive a lot of messages of people telling me they will come on a tour a different day.

Here is the updated poster:
poster nov 28
I will be posting the next tour as soon as December starts and depending on how good this one goes! Hopefully this will increase the tours. I love showing the city and meeting new people!

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