Changes Little By Little – New Writers Hopefully Will Join


I have changed the overall look of the page. This is not the final look, but it’s the overall idea.

Every Tuesday I will be posting about beer and a general sense of my Tijuana Adventures throughout the weeks. I have invited other writers to do the same thing and write about whatever they want that is related to their own type of Tijuana Adventure. Friends/Trusted writers will have full access to write whatever they want without the need to go through me or edit anything and should always sign with their name. They will all have their own profile page as well.

Tijuana is so different for everyone that I want other voices heard and not just mine. If you want to contribute, contact me. There is no compensation, just a space where you can write whatever you want. If you become a friend/trusted writer, I will grant access for you to do whatever you want.

That’s my idea.

Oh yeah.

I wrote the cover of the San Diego Reader this week and this is one of the reasons I decided to do the changes. I love beer and I’ll be talking to all the brewers to blog about it here! I wish the Reader would publish me every week about beer, but alas, they will not. So it’s my mission to just do it here, even if it’s unpaid. You can read more about it by clicking the picture:


And about tours. People can still hit me up for tours. I still have not decided on a price at all. But I am thinking that $100 gets my attention and then we can discuss more after that.


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