About TJ

Tijuana has one of the worst reputations in the world that plays no justice to how amazing this city actually is. It is one of the youngest cities in Mexico and the fastest growing one. A soon to be metropolis with an outrageous nightlife that lasts till 5 a.m. or even later. Cheap drinks, amazing food, crazy music scene, wild bars, a red light district, the beach, clubs and much much more you can find in TJ. Best of it, it’s all accessible by foot and by public transportation that costs around $1 for a ride to anywhere in the city.

Tijuana Adventure is a chance for you to get to know the city following me! The main idea is to show you the ropes of how the city works so you can come visit in your own and never have to use a tour guide again. The city’s motto is “Tijuana, a city with order” yet chaos thrives. Understanding the chaos is not really that complex, with my help, you’ll figure out what Tijuana is really about. I will meet you in the United States and cross the border with you so there’s never anything to be afraid of.

Tijuana Adventure is not for everyone, tours are for those who want to party and party hard. The adventures are from dusk till dawn and I’ll cater to your choice of nightlife.

Welcome to Tijuana!!!


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